How to find Amazon Order ID

An Order ID is the number system that Amazon uses exclusively to keep track of orders. They are 19 digits long with two dashes, with the following format (as an example, your order number will be different): 103-4795772-1364518 To find your Order ID, go to Amazon web site and visit: […]

I made an mistake, I do not need this product.

Please, do not send requests for products you are not going to buy!  If you did, and you do not want that product for some reason, there are two scenarios: I do not want this product, and I am not yet approved!Please go to Requests, and click on “Remove request” […]

Problems with products/coupons

If you have troubles with codes you received, check this first: Code not working: Contact this seller and tell him your code is not working. If this code was sent by mistake, seller will send you another code Check to be sure you are buying from correct seller. If you got […]

Apply coupon code

As these promo codes are not automatically applied, you must enter them manually when purchasing products. Login to your Amazon account. Open the desired product on Amazon. Click on “Add to Cart”, and on next page “Proceed to checkout”. You will be then asked for shipping address. Next step is […]

Get to product page on Amazon

Great, seller accepted you! But be fast as purchases must be made within 48 hours of being approved. If you want to go to the product page from the email you received, just click on link that leads to the product, or follow sellers instructions written in email on how to reach […]

Apply for discount code

It is easy to start your shopping. Click on “Shop now” Browse products, or use filters on the left: Depending on deal type (Instant Deal or Request Deal) after you click on Get Coupon you will get coupon immediately or after the seller confirms it.


Please contact an seller if any of these occurred: Code not working Code expired Not satisfied with product Product is damaged/broken Price is different then one offered Please report an seller if: Seller is not responding more than two weeks after you contacted him. Seller has demands that are against […]