• Do I need to leave a review?

No!  This is most important to remember. Do with the product as with any other you bought on Amazon. If

  • Should I leave a disclaimer that I received it in exchange for my review?

No!  This is forbidden by Amazon TOS. Never leave that disclaimer.

  • Can I resell it

No!  We do not allow it an we will ban all who try to.

  • How long will discount codes be available?

It depends on sellers campaign, but most of them around 48h.

  • Do I need to leave a review for a seller?

You are not required to leave a review for a seller but you can if you like.

  • Code does not work. What to do?

Contact seller first (“Ask a question” on Amazon)! Please check here!

  • Product is out of stock. What to do?

If the promotion is still active, contact that seller via email (email in promotion dashboard) so that they can restock as soon as possible.

  • One account per Household!

Please use one account (just share Prime account).

  • Any more advice’s for me?

Get Amazon Prime.

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