I made an mistake, I do not need this product.

Please, do not send requests for products you are not going to buy!

 If you did, and you do not want that product for some reason, there are two scenarios:

  • I do not want this product, and I am not yet approved!Please go to Requests, and click on “Remove request” button (be sure it still says “Pending” as status).
  • I do not want this product, and I am approved!If status of the request is “Approved”, click on “Report a problem” next to the product and select reason why you want to decline this promo code. Explain it to the seller so he can re-locate this code to another buyer. After 3 days, “Hide request” will appear next to the product, so you can click it and remove this product from your dashboard.Please do not do this often, as your account may get marked with low buyer rate, or even get banned. Request promo codes only for products you really want to order.

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