Problems with products/coupons

If you have troubles with codes you received, check this first:

Code not working:

  • Contact this seller and tell him your code is not working. If this code was sent by mistake, seller will send you another code
  • Check to be sure you are buying from correct seller. If you got instructions from seller, read them again, or contact him so he can give you more info.
  • Already bought that product with another code. Seller often disables multiple purchases for one product from one account.

Code has expired:

  • Contact this seller and ask for correct code

Always contact the seller first if you have any problems with code or product. Do not leave bad review before you receive products as it is against Amazon TOS to leave review before receiving product. Be patient and give the seller time to respond. After some time, write him again as your email might ended in Spam folder.  If still no response, use “Report a problem” button next to the product.

Lets help those Amazon sellers succeed in their businesses so they can give us even more products to test.

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